Natural Products for the Immune and Digestive Systems that really work!

Many prescribed medications may only relieve symptoms,
leaving the root cause intact, we look at the root of the
problem and try to fix it.

Here at immunecare we concentrate on:


  • Helping you to get well
  • Understanding your problems
  • Supporting you every step of the way
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Immunecare can make a Real Difference to Your Health

Since 2001, Immunecare has specialised in natural products for the immune system and the gut that really make a
difference, without the side effects of traditional medicines. Our Nutritionists, Naturopath and Medical Consultant have great experience in what works and what doesn’t, so we
can help to save you from wasting money on ineffective products.

Many of the illnesses that afflict us in our modern world are due in part or whole to a poorly functioning
immune system or gut. These include:

Chronic Fatigue
Glandular fever
Hepatitis C
Candida overgrowth
Peptic Ulcers
Wheat intolerance
Leaky Gut
Ulcerative Colitis

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"Candigest Plus & Candida Overgrowth
Three years ago, Shelley, 28, was diagnosed with chronic candida overgrowth.

\"I suffered from severe symptoms for years: bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, lack of energy, feeling spaced out and pins and needles in my hands and feet. I constantly felt as though I was coming down with the ‘flu. No matter how carefully I followed a balanced diet, I was losing weight.

After undergoing a colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. No-one gave me any advice so I steadily became worse. I gave many foods, like potatoes and pulses. As a result of such a restricted diet I felt extremely tired and frail.

A friend who specialized in natural medicine suggested I try Candigest Plus. Within a week my symptoms disappeared.\"" - Shelley Heppolette
"Colostrum & CFS

"The effect of colostrum on my wife was noticeable in the first 10 days of taking it."" - David Hall
"Congratulations on an excellent product!

"…my husband has been taking Candigest plus for a while now, with spectacular results."
Many thanks," - Yvonne C
""Thank you for you wonderful probiotic!

I am a 45 year old female with Crohn's Disease since I was 28. Over the years, I've used many prescription medications and I've had a bowel resection in 1999. All the medicines and treatments seemed to have given me short term relief. About 1 year ago, I started using your Adult CP-1 formula starting a 1 capsule per day. I have experienced much relief since using this product. I informed my Gastroenterologist that I've been using this and he said "ok". Using a probiotic was never mentioned to me by any of my Physicians. I found out about this product by a Nutritionist. A few weeks ago I had my yearly colonoscopy and was told that my disease is "not" progressing since last years colonoscopy. This is a huge positive for me. I will continue to use this product and possibly increase the dose to see if a higher concentration works better for me. I feel like this has given me more energy, and is positively affecting my disease and my overall wellness. I don't feel as tired as I used to feel. Hopefully in the future I might be able to decrease or even discontinue all the prescription drugs I currently take. I have nothing but good things to say about this product.

Thank you!!"" - Bobbie, Pennsylvania
""I just wanted to tell you how effective I think your CP-1 formula is. I have Lyme disease and have been taking your probiotics in between my antibiotics and herbs for about 2 months. I think they really keep my gut in line now. They seemed to have also straightened it out from before the antibiotics, when I wasn't feeling well almost constantly. I tried some of the other brands of probiotics but they didn't seem to be potent enough. I usually take one at night before bed, a few hours after my evening antibiotic dose.

They seem to help. Just thought I'd drop a line. Thanks.

For seven years I was unable to tolerate ANY dairy products without breaking out with red swelling and ugly, itchy blisters on my forehead. After trying custom probiotics CP-1 formula, 3 capsules a day, I am now able to enjoy all kinds of dairy products without any ill effects. It's like being let out of a prison. I'm very happy with the results.

Thanks."" - Barbara Jean Pearce