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Candigest Plus

Candigest Plus
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Candigest Plus Kills Candida

Candigest Plus, successfully trialled by the independent Candida Society, is a unique enzyme formulation that kills candida without the normal 'die-off' effect, is non-toxic to the liver, and candida cannot become resistant to it.

Candida Cell Wall Suppressor or Candida Cell Wall Digester?

There is currently a lot of talk about candida cell wall suppressors; these are not new - Nystatin is a candida cell wall suppressor and was invented in the 1950's. The current popular Cell Wall Suppressor is based around the chemical (N-benzoyl-N’-2,5-dichloro-4-hexafluoropropyloxy-phenylurease). One of these compounds, known by the generic name is Lufenuron, is better known for its role in the veterinary flea control product Program.

In contrast, Candigest Plus ia a fungal cell wall digester, it does not interfere with the chemistry of the cell wall, but instead digests it cleanly and simply. It does this by way of naturally occuring plant based enzymes.

Do you suffer from abdominal pain, gas, bloating, indigestion, bad breath, skin rashes, allergies, muscle aches, cold hands and feet, thrush, depression, irritability and difficulty in concentrating? If so, you may have candida overgrowth or yeast infection. For more on candida overgrowth symptoms click here.

What is candida?

Candida albicans is a single-celled yeast-like organism that lives in the intestinal tract. The yeast cell releases toxins. When candida is in held balance with ‘friendly’ bacteria it is barely noticeable. But when it overgrows, the toxic load becomes too much for the body which responds by feeling one or more unpleasant symptoms of yeast infection.

Candida yeast infection thrives in the twenty first century. It loves sugar, refined and processed food, stress, alcohol and bread. All these things encourage it to grow. Given that many people also love several of the same things in their diets, and it is clear just how candida overgrowth ( also known as candidiasis) has become so prolific.

Killing candida conventionally

Doctors often prescribe strong anti-fungal drugs to kill off candida yeast infection. Trouble is, the candida organism quickly become resistant to the candida treatment drugs. So it soon returns.

Even worse, as the candida treatment drugs kill the candida cells a surge of toxins are released. This so-called ‘die off’ effect intensifies the symptoms. Feelings of bad ‘flu, skin rashes and mental confusion often result and can last for as long as week. While all this is going on, the liver (the body’s main ‘cleaning system’) is put under significant strain to cope with the toxic invasion.

Even natural alternatives for killing off candida like garlic, oregano oil and caprylic acid give 'die off' symptoms, and moreover, candida becomes resistant to them quite quickly. This means that as well as making you feel bad, they become less and less effective the more you use them.

Killing candida kindly

Candida yeast overgrowth can be killed off in a more natural and lasting way with Candigest Plus. This works by breaking down the candida cell wall before digesting the organism itself. It also digests and removes the toxins – so there is no die off effect. And because the complete organism is removed it doesn’t return.

Why is it different?

Candigest Plus is a unique proprietary candida treatment formulation of seven key enzymes. Five of these digest the carbohydrates off which the candida feeds. In effect, the candida is starved. The seventh enzyme – Protease - is the secret weapon that no other anti-fungal product has. It can digest the interior nuclear proteins of the candida organism to remove them entirely from the body, supporting the immune system. Candida cannot become resistant to Candigest Plus because the organism cannot change its cell wall, so the effects are lasting.

  • No ‘die-off’ effect
  • No toxicity to the liver
  • Candida cannot become resistant to it
  • Completely pure and natural


Here is what our customers say:

Three years ago, Shelley, 28, was diagnosed with chronic candida overgrowth. 
"I suffered from severe symptoms for years: bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, lack of energy, feeling spaced out and pins and needles in my hands and feet. I constantly felt as though I was coming down with the ‘flu. No matter how carefully I followed a balanced diet, I was losing weight.

After undergoing a colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. No-one gave me any advice so I steadily became worse. I gave many foods, like potatoes and pulses. As a result of such a restricted diet I felt extremely tired and frail.

A friend who specialized in natural medicine suggested I try Candigest Plus. Within a week my symptoms disappeared."
- Shelley Heppolette

"I am continually astounded by the way in which you provide both help and support. Your Candigest is the only product that has relieved me from my horrific Candida. It has succeeded where all else has failed. Iwould still be very ill today if it were not for Immunecare."
- Melissa Xavier

"I am 24 years old and have had chronic fatigue / ME since the age of eight.
One of the side effects is that I have suffered from candida. However thanks to your candigest I no longer have any troubles with candida – so I really want to say a BIG THANKYOU!"
- Joanna Hudson

Congratulations on an excellent product!
"…my husband has been taking Candigest plus for a while now, with spectacular results." 
Many thanks,
- Yvonne C

Yeast overgrowth diet:

The diet is one of the more difficult aspects of getting a yeast overgrowth under control. You will always get a better result if you emabrk on a diet, no matter what form of anti fungal you take. Companies that tell you otherwise are being disingenuous. For some guidelines on foods to avoid click here, and for foods to eat click here.

Seven Point Plan
Quality probiotic supplements and subtle dietary changes will help guard against the recurrence of candida overgrowth if you are susceptible to it. The producers of Candigest Plus recommend this seven-point action plan. For more details of this ‘anti candida protocol ’ and personal support and advice, call 0064 33521535 or email immunecare@me.com


  • Heal your leaky gut
  • Kill off bad bacteria and yeast
  • Boost your immune system
  • Replace the good bacteria
  • Help your digestion
  • Adopt an anti-candida diet
  • Remove the cause

Dosage instructions:

Take one capsule per day for three days; then two per day for three days; three a day for three days and finish up on four a day which is the normal dose. Each dose to be taken with a large glass of tepid water, on an empty stomach (at least half an hour before food or at least two hours after food). Where multiple capsules are taken, split the dose into two, i.e. two capsules in the morning, two capsules at night. If you are sensitive to medications, then cut the dose in half.
Please note that enzyme formulations are not recommended for those with Gastritis or inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract such as Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitits or Diverticulitis.
120 vegetarian capsules.