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David, 45, suffered with a duodenal ulcer for nearly four years. Like most people, he presented his condition early on to his GP who prescribed antacids. While these eased the symptoms for a while, they didn’t address the ulcer itself. And within a short time, David was back at his GP seeking more advice, and was put on triple antibiotic therapy.

“This triple antibiotic course is pretty strong and I had to take eight ‘horse pills’ a day for a week” recalls David. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the desired effect. So, incredibly, the GP put him on a second course. And then – quite unheard of – a third course! Then David heard about a natural practitioner who worked solely on establishing and maintaining good gut health. He had read about others with far more serious conditions having their health restored with his help. So David contacted the gutdoctor.com helpline and spoke to Neil Wootten.

“Speaking to Neil was such a relief: finally I found someone who really knew their stuff, who understood what had been happening in my gut over the last three years and, best of all, had a solution to my condition,” says David. After literally years of what David calls a ‘quagmire’ of discomfort, conflicting advice and drugs he started to see light at the end of the tunnel. David took two supplements: Helicobactrin to fight and reduce the ulcer and bad bacteria that were causing it and Immunecare Lactoferrin, a potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral supplement that strengthened and restored balance to David’s suppressed gut. “Within weeks I felt considerably better and within two months I can honestly say that my stomach felt the best it has for four years!” says David.

“It’s such a relief to be able to get on with my day without worrying all the time what effect this and that will have on my fragile stomach. Certain foods and stress were the main culprits – it just took a challenging client meeting, set of seemingly impossible deadlines or the wrong food to set off the spiral again.” While David didn’t suffer the doubling up pain that so many ulcer sufferers endure, every day he felt like he had the most horrendous hangover. “The best way to describe it is I felt as though I’d had 15 pints and two vindaloos the night before: it was that fragile, disorientated feeling all over my body but particularly centred around my stomach.”

Lactitol reduces toxin production; Capsaicin increases mucosal blood flow to speed up the healing process, while mucins and phospholipids protect the mucous membranes. Helicobactrin pylori colonization and inflammation is inhibited by sulfomucins, while the fatty acids ricinoleic and oleic acid slow the bacteria's growth by disrupting its cell membranes. Dosage instructions Take one or two tablets, between meals. 60 Capsules