Airbiotics Complete Probiotic Protection Pack


Normally $149.95, now $74.95!!

  • Finally a real one stop shop for all your cleaning needs!Upgrade to the full suite of Airbiotics! Experience our premier collection of all-natural, probiotic-powered cleaning products.
    This complete kit brings together our best products for your entire home (every surface, every fabric, every room) and everything you need when on the go, while traveling and even for the air you breathe.

Detailed Description

With Airbiotics, there are no harsh chemicals or artificial scents. We let nature do the work!

If you haven’t tried Airbiotics yet, cleaning with our probiotics is unlike anything you’ve used before. But we should warn you, you’ll be hooked! You’ll be amazed at how effective cleaning with probiotics is, and confident knowing it’s the safer and healthier way to clean. You might…just…enjoy cleaning!

This complete Probiotic Protection Pack is a great value, and easier than buying each of the products separately. It also makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for someone who values health and is looking for better options over conventional, harsh cleaning products. We couldn’t be more proud of this family of products and we know you’ll love using them.

The Complete Protection Pack includes:

All Purpose Cleaner Recharge 8 oz (236.5 mL) — Multi-surface cleaner, that is fast and effective. Our concentrated cleaner saves a ton of money! One 8-ounce bottle makes 44 spray bottles!

Home Spray 8 oz (235 mL) — An all-natural fabric and air freshener. Great for bedding, furnishings, and whole rooms. Refresh any fabrics, linens, curtains, clothes and the entire room with the power of probiotics.

Spray Refresh To Go 2 oz (60 mL) — Small, compact and perfect to take the power of Home Spray all-natural fabric and air freshener with you on the go.

5 Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner Refills (5 mL) — Concentrated into tiny, convenient 5 mL refill pods for easy, no hassle use. Each refill pod makes a full 16 oz spray bottle of our All-Purpose Cleaner, so that’s another 5 full bottles!

16 oz Airbiotics Spray Bottle — Tough, reusable, BPA-free spray bottle is pre-measured to easily refill every time. Multiple spray settings to blast away messes or gently spray the most delicate furniture.

2 Probiotic Hand Cleaners 0.33 oz (10 mL) — An all-natural, triclosan-free, alcohol-free hand cleaner that safely eliminates harmful bacteria. Safe to use daily and throughout the day while you’re on the go. Perfect to use at work after that awkward handshake, for busy moms, kids who “swear they washed their hands”, at the gym for your hands and gym equipment, restaurants and eating on the go, in the car, while traveling and at hotels, and many more uses…

1 Microfiber Cloth — Reusable, washable, lint free, and amazing!
Everything you spray stays fresher and protected for up to 3-5 days after each use.