Angie’s story

Angie Morris, 57, mother of two grown ups 34/30.


Angie Morris has been gluten intolerant for 20 years. Following bowel and stomach surgery she has suffered badly whenever she ate food with gluten – “everything I ate went through me” she says. When Angie consulted her doctor he suggested she may be celiac and recommended she cut out foods with gluten. “Within four days of eliminating gluten I felt human again,” she recalls.


Finding a solution was a relief but Angie was now saddled with a food intolerance that she had to work around for every meal, every day.
While she managed at home on a limited diet, when it came to her working lifestyle it was altogether harder. Angie travelled a lot in her job as a marketing director of a display company. She spent many days each year in hotels and conferences and found it well nigh impossible to eat a balanced and varied diet. “One memorable week I was away I ended up eating steak and chips for four nights running as it was the only thing on the menu I could digest.


“When you are gluten intolerant even the simplest meal solutions are denied you. I can’t just pop into a shop and buy a sandwich, or a wrap, or a pasta salad. I became an avid label reader, scrutinising every ingredient before, invariably, putting the product back on the shelf. After a while this becomes very stressful and upsetting.”


Angie learned to cope by packing her own food wherever she went. She bought a fridge that worked in the car so she could pack up chicken and salads before going out anywhere.


“The problem is, if you can’t eat what others eat you become a social misfit. I avoided going out for meals with friends because I was always the awkward one and dinner party invitations were pretty scarce!”


Then earlier this year, Angie read about an enzyme based supplement that breaks down gluten into smaller, more easily digested parts so that the body takes up the gluten before it reaches and irritates the small bowel.


“It sounded too good to be true: too easy a solution after two decades of having no solution,” says Angie. “But I had nothing to lose.


“I took my first Immunecare Glutenase Plus capsule and then ate a croissant. My first croissant in 20 years! Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing – no blisters on my tongue, no discomfort. I didn’t have to run to the loo. I was fine. I was practically crying with the relief of it all.   Not just the fact I’d eaten a croissant but the realisation that I could eat gluten again without any side effects now I’d found Immunecare Glutenase Plus.


“Gluten intolerance really drags you down: you have to plan everything and it takes away any spontaneity and, therefore, much of the fun.”


 “My misery is over. I keep a pot of Immunecare Glutenase Plus in my bag and if I’m out and decide to have a sandwich, I take a capsule and have the sandwich. I can go travelling and not worry. I go out to dinner and order whatever I wish. I see it as a food aid that enables me to eat what I want, when I want.”


New Lease Of Life
Now that her diet is so much easier and enjoyable, Angie’s spirits have lifted and she is much more optimistic about life in general. She has recently picked up her hobby of painting and is currently enjoying success with selling her work commercially. She works in watercolours and acrylics and sells through art shops and via her site. “I have my bounce back and a new lease of life thanks to Immunecare Glutenase Plus. It has enabled me to take control, turn things around and get back to enjoying life.”


How Immunecare Glutenase Plus Works
· Immunecare Glutenase Plus contains enzymes with DPP-IV (Dipeptidyl peptidase) activity
· DPP-IV can be found in the intestinal tract lining.
· One of its primary functions is breaking down gluten.
· The DPP-IV enzyme activity assists digestion of proline-containing peptides found primarily in wheat, which are generally resistant to being completely broken down by other enzymes in people who are gluten sensitive.
· By introducing the DPP-IV containing enzyme to the digestive tract, Immunecare Glutenase Plus encourages break down and digestion of gluten thus rendering it non-irritant.