The two most important issues with regard to skin ageing are: lessening growth factor production with advancing age, which slows down healing and repairing of skin tissue loss of collagen from skin tissue with advancing age, which causes skin to sag

The cosmetics industry spends millions in advertising to tempt us into putting creams and lotions on our faces to alleviate the signs of ageing, particularly fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. We are bombarded with pseudo science regarding “amino peptides” and “inspired by gene science”. An amino peptide is just a protein, and ‘inspired by gene science” does not mean that the treatment affects the genes in any way. In fact, we would be far better off by working from the inside out! The signs of ageing are much more easily conquered with judicious use of supplements.

By correcting these two issues, your skin will be transformed in one to three months.

More Information about Anti-ageing

Julie, who runs her own exclusive boutique for designer gowns, started taking Colostrum ten years ago.

“The effect was quite dramatic”, she recalls,”My customers would come in and ask me what miraculous creams I had been using because my skin and appearance had improved so much in a short time. So many of them wanted the same results, that I started to sell Colostrum in my shop! Even my mother, who is seventy two, took it; her hair grew back not in grey, but in its natural colour, which she had not seen for years.”