Custom Probiotics has formulated a D-Lactate Free Probiotic powder formulation that has been used most specifically for autistic children. D-Lactate is a by-product of probiotic fermentation that may produce neurological problems. Custom Probiotics D-Lactate Free Probiotic powder formulation is very high in potency at 250 billion cfu's per gram. It contains L. Salivarius, L. Rhamnosus, B. Bifidum and B. Infantis. It is dairy free, hypoallergenic and does not contain any artificial colours, flavours, sugar, gluten, soy or FOS.

A few thousand autistic children worldwide have used this D-Lactate Free formulation successfully. We have seen from moderate to dramatic improvement in their conditions ranging from formed stools, reduction of diarrhea or constipation, yeast or Candida control, intestinal flora and food allergy improvement, amelioration of skin conditions, more relaxed and less agitated conditions, better concentration, behaviour, language, eye contact and speech.

The fundamental cause of autism, based on Custom Probiotics’ experience, is severe intestinal flora imbalances resulting in immune dysfunction.

Factors that can have detrimental effect on the intestinal microflora of a child can also have negative effects on their immune system and health. A toxic intestinal microflora loaded with pathogenic bacteria and yeast will have direct effect on the whole body including the brain. Antibiotics, various drugs, vaccinations and a somewhat lower immune system will negatively affect the intestinal flora of a child, creating a favourable environment for colonization by opportunistic pathogens.

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Since a direct relationship exists between the gut and the brain, a toxic intestinal environment will also affect the brain. As one mother of an Autistic child indicated “this is the first real genertion of kids whose mothers used antibiotics on a regular basis, so we have less good bacteria to pass on to our babies.”

As a result, a simultaneous reduction of immune, mental and behavioural capabilities become evident in the child. Probiotics thus play an important role in helping autistic children by tackling the neurotoxins and pathogenic bacteria and yeast in the gut.