What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the first milk from dairy cows. It contains 37 different immune factors your body uses to fight infections, and a dozen different factors that encourage and enhance repair and healing. We source our Colostrum from the clean, green New Zealand environment. The cows are pasture fed and free ranging, and our Colostrum is hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free. All Colostrum is independently and rigorously tested by the New Zealand government.

How does it work?

Colostrum contains 37 different immune factors that the body uses to fight infections, including immunoglobulins, interferon, cytokines, interleukins, glycoproteins and prolene-rich-peptides (PRP). It also contains a dozen growth factors that heal and repair the body.

Is it safe?

Yes. Colostrum has been researched from 1970. New Zealand colostrum is one of the cleanest colostrums in the world. It is totally BSE free, and the dairy is riorously tested by the New Zealand government. There has never been a case of BSE in New Zealand.

Which is better, Lactoferrin or Colostrum?

Colostrum is an excellent broad spectrum immune supplement, and has additional benefits of healing leaky gut and speeding up tissue repair.

Lactoferrin is an exceptional antiviral, anti bacterial antifungal supplement. If you are in doubt which will be best in your particular case, please contact us for advice.

What is in Candigest Plus?

Candigest Plus is an enzyme formulation that contains Protease; Cellulase; Hemicellulase; Amylase; Glucoamylase; Invertase; Malt diastase. It is vegetarian and vegan, and gluten free.

What is the difference between Candigest and Candigest Plus?

Candigest was the original formulation, and does not contain any protease. The immune system recruits protease enzymes to mop up rogue proteins in the blood.

How does it work?

Like most good ideas, it is very simple; when I discussed it with an English Pharmacist he very loudly exclaimed, ‘That’s brilliant!’ The enzymes break down the cell wall of the candida organism, so that it is no longer viable and dies.

Why don’t you get any die off?

Because the fungal organism is broken down and digested, rather than poisoned as with traditional antifungals.

Why is CP-1 so good?

Custom Probiotics CP-1 is a superb probiotic because of its strength and purity. CP-1 contains five superior strains of freeze-dried probiotics microorganisms with a total bacterial count of 50 billion per capsule guaranteed at date of expiry. These strains are L. Acidophilus, L.Rhamnosus,L. Plantarum, B. Lactis and B. Bifidum, and are most specifically helpful to the small and large intestines. To be effective we feel that a probiotics supplement should have a high bacterial count and a blend of different genera. Our latest independent laboratory test results indicate 73 billion total bacterial count per capsule. This count is much higher than claimed to be found in the vast majority of  probiotics products on the market today.

Does it contain dairy?

Our CP-1 acidophilus and bifidus supplements are dairy free, hypoallergenic, and do not contain any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, sugar, gluten, soy or FOS.  (All FOS contain free sugar). The bacteria are grown on a starch base, not a dairy one.

Why do you use very high doses of probiotics?

When the gut is out of balance, it becomes a numbers game. There are around 100 trillion organisms in it. If you are looking to correct an imbalance in the gut, small doses of beneficial bacteria will be ineffective. This is because bad bacteria and yeast organisms set their own pH level in the gut, usually too alkaline. This environment is then hostile to good bacteria, which like acidity. Indeed, one of the primary reasons good bacteria are beneficial is that they produce acids like lactic acid (Lactobacillus acidophilus). If you want to change the environment in the gut, then you need big numbers of good bacteria; otherwise it is like invading a very big country with a very small army – it just does not work.

What is in Lactase Plus?

Lactase Plus contains Protease SP, Lactase and Lipase. These enzymes break down Lactose, Casein and Betalactoglobulin, the elements that are most problematic in cases of dairy intolerance, so doing away with the symptoms of dairy intolerance.

What is in Glutenase Plus?

Glutenase Plus contains Acid Stable Protease, Protease SP and Protease with DPP-IV activity. These enzymes are able to break down gluten and cereal proteins that cause a problem in non celiac gluten intolerance.

Are you medically qualified?

We have a range of qualified staff, from Medical General Practitioner and Consultant Physician through to Nutritionist.

Can I speak to someone?

Of course. In the Southern hemisphere please call 0064 3 3838480.

There is no charge for any advice given. If your condition is beyond our scope, we will endeavour to recommend someone more appropriate. If we are unable to help you, we will tell you. In the first instance we would recommend you contact your physician or healthcare provider.

Can I take Candigest Plus with food?

No, Candigest Plus should be taken with a large glass of tepid water, on an empty stomach. An empty stomach is defined as at least half an hour before food, or at least two hours after food.

Can I take Candigest Plus and Colostrum together?

You would need to separate the doses by about one hour.

What is the best dose for me?

The best dose for you is the one that works for you; everyone is an individual. We recommend that you build up doses slowly, and not to exceed the stated dose for a product.

What is the best product for me?

We make some recommendations if you suffer from a particular condition. If you would like specific advice, please email [email protected] or call . In the Southern hemisphere please call 0064 3 3838480.

Do you ship worldwide?

From this site we ship to New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific rim. For other destinations, please go to www.immunecare.co.uk

When will I receive my goods?

If you have ordered goods from New Zealand and live in New Zealand, then you should receive your goods within 2-5 working days via a ‘signed for’ service.

If you have ordered goods from New Zealand and live outside New Zealand, then please allow 5-10 working days for delivery. We use a trackable service, but please bear in mind that your Customs may delay delivery. As the customer you are responsible for any Customs charges or Customs issues regarding importation of goods..