Balanced diet ‘could limit risk of dementia’

People who maintain good digestive health by eating a balanced diet could reduce their chances of developing dementia in old age, an expert has suggested.

Dr Simon Ridley from Alzheimer’s Research UK warned people about the health risks associated with a poor diet

Consumption of foods rich in nutrition are found to prevent stroke and heart disease, which can be causal factors for dementia, Dr Ridley remarked.

Older adults have been urged to ensure they eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as take part in regular exercise, in a bid to limit the chances of developing symptoms that could lead to dementia.

“We don’t yet fully understand what causes dementia,” Dr Ridley stated, “but it’s likely to be a complex mix of genetics and environmental factors, such as diet, lifestyle and exercise”.

Meanwhile, researchers in Sweden have identified a link between obesity in older life and the onset of Alzheimer’s.