IBS symptoms ‘can be managed’

People who suffer from painful digestive health condition irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) could ease the symptoms by making small changes to their diet, an expert has claimed.

Professor of gastroenterology at the Ewha Woman’s University Medical Center Jung Hye-Kyung advised people with IBS to alter their eating habits and take medication to relieve the painful symptoms.

She told the Korea Herald : “The final goal should be the quality of life.

“Our medical system should have proper guidelines and education programs for people’s better understanding.”

Dietary alterations, such as removing gluten from eating habits, could provide relief for people living with the problem.

A recent report published by the National Evidence-based Healthcare Collaborating Agency questioned 273 patients with IBS about their quality of life.

Findings revealed that the life satisfaction of the people polled was lower than those with haemorrhoids, atopic dermatitis and duodenal ulcer.

This comes after researchers from McMaster University in Canada identified a link between digestive health issues and people’s behaviour.