Immune health news: Scientists discover new cancer treatment

Individuals who take action to improve their immune health in a bid to prevent the onset of disease could be interested in new scientific developments regarding cancer treatment.

Researchers from the University of Leeds and the Mayo Clinic in the US have discovered a treatment that could be used to stop the worsening of the disease.
Using DNA from healthy cells to provide a vaccine against the spread of the deadly illness, scientists have experienced an 80 per cent success rate in mice.
Although increased testing needs to be conducted to examine the effects on human patients, experts have highlighted the significance of the treatment.
Professor Alan Melcher from the University of Leeds told BBC News: “It’s not out-of-the-blue research, but based on immunotherpay and virus treatments which are looking very promising and that is what is really exciting.”

The most common methods of treatment for prostate cancer patients are hormone therapy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. However, the Prostate Cancer Centre also states that acupuncture and hypnosis have been used to provide relief.