Kiwi fruit could improve immune health

Eating kiwi fruit could provide people with a boost to their immune health due to the high levels of antioxidants contained in the fruit, a new study has revealed.

Japanese researchers found high levels of the disease-fighting molecules in the urine of participants who had eaten three kiwis a day, the Daily Mail reports.
The findings, published in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, revealed the fruit could prevent damage caused by oxidative stress.
Conditions developed as a result of damage caused by the body’s natural molecules include heart failure, atherosclerosis and Parkinson’s.
Oxidative stress has also been found to cause certain types of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists from Teikyo University in Tokyo revealed that kiwi fruit beat oranges, mandarins, apples and grapefruit in terms of their levels of polyphenol antioxidants.
Net Doctor recommends people increase their intake of tomatoes, citrus fruits and green tea in a bid to improve immune health and prevent oxidative damage.
Extract: Eating kiwi fruit could provide a boost for immune health, research has suggested.