Poor digestive health could lead to depression

Bacteria found in the gut as a result of poor digestive health could be linked to depression, a new study has suggested.

Researchers from McMaster University in Ontario have revealed that behaviour could be affected by unusual bacterial content in the stomach.
Published in the online journal Gastroenterology, the research could be useful for the treatment of common digestive health problems that are linked with depression.
Scientists have suggested that psychiatric conditions such as autism could also be linked with gastrointestinal issues.
Professor of medicine Stephen Collins said: “The exciting results provide stimulus for further investigating a microbial component to the causation of behavioural illnesses.”
WebMD suggests that depression could be linked to irritable bowel syndrome due to a patient’s anxiety surrounding the symptoms.
Feelings of worry associated with the painful condition could lead to a person feeling that they have to shut themselves away from their social lives.