Living Balance Organic Prebiotic Hair Soap


Itchy scalp and dandruff show a imbalance in microflora on the scalp. Living Balance Organic Prebiotic Hair Soap helps to rebalance the microflora on the scalp to deal with these scalp problems. And the great organic ingredients mean that you will have great hair condition too!

No need to use those medicated, chemical laden shampoos any more! This beautiful Organic Hair Soap produces a rich lather and has a great natural scent.

Detailed Description


Aqua, Cocoa oil, Sodium hydroxide, Ricinus oil, Olea fruit oil, Butyrospermum butter, Theobroma butter, Prunus oil, Persea oil, Orbygnia oil, Simmondsia oil, Fragrance, Calcium carbonate, Silk, Urtica dicica, Lanolin, Salvia, Chamomile, Citrus, Eugenol, Geraniol, Lemon.