Sue Reeves


Sue Reeves, 52, suffered from IBS for 15years. When first diagnosed her symptoms were relatively mild and almost tolerable, despite at times being discomforting and embarrassing. But six years ago her symptoms took a turn for the worse.

Sue returned from holiday with a ‘bad tummy’, but unlike many holiday tummy upsets, Sue’s didn’t go away. The pain and diarrhoea didn’t subside. She suffered from abdominal pain, excess wind and a tight, bloated stomach and felt listless and tired all the time. Sue’s symptoms changed her lifestyle: she was limited in what she could do and what she wanted to do. She became depressed, withdrawn and felt very low.
Food allergy testing revealed an allergy to eggs, milk, nuts and melons. Sue cut these from her diet but that had little effect: the IBS remained. So Sue consulted a nutritionist for a more thorough complete system analysis of her digestive system. Candida was detected, often the case with IBS. Sue took a medley of vitamins and supplements to help restore her energy and combat the candida in her system. She tried caprylic acid and magnesium supplements and followed a low glycaemic index diet that was also free of yeast, fruit and alcohol.
This helped but didn’t solve Sue’s IBS – she continued to suffer from all of her symptoms and still couldn’t go out without worrying where the nearest toilet was. If she ate a meal she could pretty much guarantee she would become bloated, uncomfortable and suffer from wind. And going out for meals at restaurants or with friends was more of a torture than a pleasure.
After 15 years of discomfort and five years of particularly debilitating symptoms, Sue was beginning to think she would never feel well again. She had searched the Internet, read numerous books and followed differing advice – all to no avail.
Just over a year ago, Sue joined the National Candida Society and this proved to be her turning point. She was recommended to take Candigest Plus, an enzyme based supplement that rids the body of candida. She also took a pure and powerful probiotic called CP1 that replenished the good, live bacteria in her gut. Within weeks Sue’s symptoms had all but gone. She was quite taken aback by how quickly the combination of Candigest Plus and CP1 diminished her symptoms and put her back on track.
With the toxins from the candida out of her body, Sue regained her energy and that ‘dragging feeling’ disappeared.
With her gut back in balance, thanks to the CP1, Sue’s digestive system came back under control. She continued to follow a careful diet and excluded the foods that trigger candida – yeast and sugar –and the main culprits that set off her IBS.
As she became stronger and her gut more tolerant, Sue started to reintroduce the food on her ‘banned’ list.
Sue continues to take the maintenance dose of Candigest Plus – just one tablet a day compared to the therapeutic dose of four per day. With it Sue takes a CP1 capsule as they work well together and must be taken on an empty stomach. She takes another CPI capsule last thing at night.
Sue feels really well for the first time in 15 years. She enjoys a glass of red now and again and is happy to join her family and friends for meals at Chinese and Indian restaurants. She enjoys fruit and salad – where before they’d have given her a tummy upset. The fatigue, pain, discomfort and embarrassment have gone.
Sue Reeves, 52, is a teaching assistant at a large secondary school where she supports children with learning difficulties.