Three simple steps to help your Gastrointestinal system

Here are three easy things you can do to help your Gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Firstly, remove what may be blocking the body’s ability to heal in the GI tract. This may be, for example, an emotional stressor; or chronic antibiotic use for acne that you may not need to take.

Secondly, replace what is missing. This is less common, but sometimes people do not have enough acid in the stomach. We see this with people who take proton pump inhibitors, or H2 blockers that suppress acid for prolonged periods of time. Sometimes we forget we need acid for a reason, to absorb key nutrients like Vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and if we suppress this acid production for too long it worsens our digestive ability. We can use enzymes in the short term to assist the body’s ability to digest properly. Replace the healthy bacteria in the gut to create the optimum balance in that ecosystem. Dietary changes can include natural prebiotic containing foods such as asparagus, banana, garlic and onions (much better than supplementing with FOS), and the use of probiotic bacteria.

Finally repair the damage done to the lining of the GI tract, in particular regard to increased intestinal permeability. Psyllium, guar gum or ground flax seed will increase the mucigens in the gut. Zinc, glutamine, or best of all Colostrum will help to reduce that hyper-permeability which leads to food intolerances, foggy brain, and aching muscles and joints.