Virtual therapy could help IBS sufferers

People suffering from the painful side effects of digestive health condition irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) could benefit from online therapy.

According to Reuters Health, members of the public could find relief in behavioural therapy offered over the internet.

In a bid to make IBS treatment more widely available, Swedish researchers have developed a web-based programme in a bid to soothe uncomfortable symptoms.

Anxiety caused by abdominal cramps and diarrhoea could actually worsen the side effects of the condition, remarked lead researcher Brjann Ljotsson.

He added: “By exposing themselves to IBS symptoms the patients become less afraid of them and the vicious cycle between fear and symptoms is broken.”

Advice website IBS-Life advises people living with the disease to take friends to the supermarket with them to provide reassurance if a need for the toilet arises.

Sufferers are also recommended to consume small and frequent meals at a slow rate to ease the painful side effects.