3 simple changes you can make to improve your gut health immediately

Unfortunately, we are seeing an increasing number of people with serious health problems, and many of these disorders stem from intestinal issues. While every case is different, there are three easy basic things you can do to improve the health of your gut.

1. Stay away,  whenever possible, from chicken and meat that has antibiotics in it. Only organic meats are guaranteed to be free from antibiotics.

Unfortunately antibiotics are routinely given to farmed animals to increase their weight, not just given when an infection necessitates it.

80% of all antibiotics produced are used on farmed animals and only 20% are used for humans. These antibiotics are chemicals that are ingested when you eat, and alter the flora in your intestines. Antibiotics are meant to kill the harmful bacteria; unfortunately, they kill the good bacteria, too, leaving you even more defenceless.

We also know that because of the way antibiotics alter the gut, that bad bacteria are the first to proliferate again after antibiotics, so the balance of the gut is substantially altered.

2. Stay away from a high refined carbohydrate intake, i.e., sugar, pasta, rice and grains. They feed the bad flora. Never before in the history of mankind have humans eaten such large amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates, and our bodies are not designed to optimize this fuel on a full-time basis. Add this to a diet with antibiotic added meat, and you have a recipe for severe disruption of your gut flora.

3. Stay away from gut irritants. Avoid chemical toxins such as MSG, food preservatives and flavour enhancers. Eat organic whenever possible and avoid foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Gluten sensitivity is an increasing problem in our culture where 99% of the wheat we now consume is a hybrid developed back in 1970. This dwarf wheat also contained 14 new strains of gluten. It is estimated about 20% of our population could be gluten sensitive or intolerant, and many think this is one of the reasons why.