Immunecare Apo Lactoferrin 30 capsules

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Lactoferrin is a single defensive immune protein, which is 100% pure and natural. Lactoferrin is already part of your body’s immune defence system, and it is found in the mucosal linings of the body, such as the gut, airways, mouth, and in tears to keep the eyes healthy and protected from pathogens. Far from being a new thing, Lactoferrin has been astounding medical and scientific researchers since 1975, and there are over 2000 peer reviewed, published scientific papers on this remarkable supplement.

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Immunecare Apo Lactoferrin 30 capsules

5 reviews for Immunecare Apo Lactoferrin 30 capsules

  1. Lynn Barrow

    Thank you for helping me… to enjoy an improved quality of life

  2. Roz Kadir RN Dip ION MSc

    I have been using Immunecare Lactoferrin supplement for the last two years both personally and for my clients. Its excellent immune supporting effect has helped prevent the upper respiratory tract infections that blight so many. We have found that Immuncare really does help keep us protected throughout the year, and particularly through periods of stress either in sport or the workplace.
    Roz Kadir RN Dip ION MSc

  3. Derek Free

    I have found this to be an excellent product and will order it again.

  4. pammy


  5. Lavinia

    I feel so much happier now I untdsreand all this. Thanks!

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